Château de Brametourte, founded in the 11th century, surveys a stunning panorama across 20 hectares of park land, woods & sun-flowered fields, towards the Pyrenean peaks.

The tranquil beauty of this ancient home of Lautrec’s Viscounts, belies its turbulent past.

The castle was immersed in the medieval religious fervour of Cathars, Knights of the Templar & the Wars of Religion. Sieged during the 16th century, it fell into disrepair and lay undiscovered – frozen in time.

Now – traditionally, ecologically and organically restored, Brametourte has become a symbol of sociability, healthy-living and wildlife within an ancient setting, pioneering one of France’s first, self-sustainable castles.

The Brametourte team’s welcoming, flexible and customer oriented style and Brametourte’s accessibility to Albi, Castres, Toulouse and Carcassonne, make Chateau de Brametourte the perfect location for holidays and special events.

Chairs by pool

View of Chateau over sunflowers

Courtyard small square

Salle de Siegnor small square

Chateau side view